Conditions to be fulfilled

To be at least 18 years old

Check your reimbursement capacities before starting

Complete our request form fully and honestly

Have a working telephone number and e-mail address

Be able to pay repayments over the term of the loan

We are a responsible lender and we want you to be a responsible borrower! Please do not ask to borrow an amount you know you cannot afford.

There are no additional costs. There is no minimum reimbursement period and no maximum reimbursement period. You choose the reimbursement period yourself.


Your monthly repayment will be based on the amount of credit you requested and the number of repayment months you have chosen. This will be put in place if your credit is approved. It will be up to 3% of the loan. money you borrowed. You can pay more back anytime - you'll save on interest if you do.

Late refunds

We understand that from time to time things can go wrong and you will not be able to pay your monthly payment. While we discourage late payments, we also will not punish you. late fee.

However, we will need to record any missed or late refunds on your credit report, which may affect your future requests. This will also be something we will consider when it comes to reviewing your credit limit. .

So if you miss one, it's not the end of the world, and we won't do much with it. But if you keep missing it, it may affect your creditworthiness.


General information

The annual percentage rate of charge APR is fixed and is 3%. The repayment term is 6 months minimum and 360 months maximum. You will not have to pay any fees in advance.

You will need to make monthly repayments. The monthly amount you repay will depend on the repayment term you choose.

Remember that the longer you borrow, the more interest you will pay.

Representative example

Here is a representative example to tell you more about how interest rates work:

Total amount borrowed
Repayment period
Interest rates (Fixed)
Total amount to reimburse